Random sketch




Chewy Gooey Cake!

I’m very excited to be coming to the end of another book. This one has been a lot of fun with juicy characters. Should be off to the publishers on Tuesday with some bits and pieces added. It’s been an adventure into experimenting with Photoshop for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.



Next book nearly finished!!

This one is cracking along.


Veg Baby


Every Tuesday I have a box of market fresh veggies delivered to the door and a cheerful wave from Scott who delivers them. This week I had a message to say that the veggies wouldn’t be delivered as his wife had had a baby. So I thought that required a congratulations card.


It’s that scary time again. I’ve just finished one book and now have two more to complete in the next six weeks.  I know there are real scary things happening in the world (like this and this) and I am being a bit of a woos. All work is good . I’ll be alright once I get started and stop being distracted by all the fabulous stuff the internet has to offer. But;

Will I keep my ink lines loose without messing up on the fingers?

Can I maintain a light sketchy feel with out it looking a shambles?

Will my colour choices be right, bright, beautiful?

Will I overshadow?

Can I get it all done on time?

Unbelievably this is all stopping me from starting. And when written down sounds outrageously self indulgent. Time to get on with some work!

But first; acrylic, ink or watercolour? I’ve decided that no one can really tell the difference when they used in a certain way. Here’s a little sketch I did using all three.




Yes, it’s another sketch of one of the kids! I can’t help it. I’m experimenting with ink. This is not a great example as it looks just like watercolour, but my scanner bleached out the real colours.

Illustrators Australia….at last!

Last night I finally managed to get to meet the team at Illustrators Australia. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and it was a delightful experience. They are all practicing illustrators and donate their time to organising and managing events and additional marketing strategies for Australian illustrators. They’ve recently been putting together this beautiful little app that details many of the illustrators.

The lovely Naomi Hunter who wrote ‘A Secret Safe to Tell’ and is eagerly waiting for it to come out in print, sent me this facebook page she set up to promote the book. This is a picture book written to encourage children to speak up when they are victims of abuse. I’m very proud to have been a part of it, as I have said before here.

Also this week I have been finalising the roughs for a new book with some very lively and funny characters. I love developing characters.





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