Two more pop-ups

It’s been a fairly usual week in the Erasmus house. I managed to get two more pop-ups completed for The 52 Week Illustration Challenge. I must say it’s a delightful online community. The positive feedback I’m getting is really spurring me on. The book ‘Being Different’ went off to the dark and gloomy world of production. I need to try and forget about it until it appears in print. So I’m enjoying embarking on other projects and catching up with ones I should have done ages ago. We celebrated ‘Christmas in July’ here last weekend with a delicious leg of lamb, fabulous company and of course loads of cake!




A usual Saturday night at our place

Tempered chocolate Christmas Trees. I did that!

P1030388 P1030393 P1030394 P1030396 P1030417

It’s cold.

Popping Up Again

A couple of years ago I created a pop-up sketchbook for The Sketch Book Project. It was sent off to be stored in the New York Library and I’ll probably never see it again. So I thought it was about time I set myself another ridiculous challenge. This one with ‘challenge’ in the title. The facebook page ’52 Week Illustration Challenge’ is now in its 27th week. Time to catch up! I’ve decided to do two pop-ups a week from now to the end of the year. That sounds ambitious at the moment, but my intentions are good and I really love making pop-ups.

Week 1. Fairy Tale

RedRidingHood popup

Week 27. Style

I miss my sisters all the time. Watching my three daughters growing up is a constant reminder of our childhood together. The bickering, discussions but most of all the laughing. My older sister has always had a style of her own. She is hilarious. One of my dearest memories of her is the Shirley Bassy impression she did one evening, using Mum’s purple 70’s floppy hat. Me and my younger sister almost wet ourselves laughing.

Hilarysings popup

Here we all when we were kids


I absolutely love pop-up books. So my intention is to put all these pop-ups together eventually. It will probably make a few books. I’ve had this paper engineering book since my teaching days. It’s ace.


Another book I’ve had for a long time. I was lucky enough to be left these delightful books full of sketches that are just blissful to look at and gain inspiration from. I can only dream of being able to capture character and movement like this in just a few marks.

babysketch childsketch childsketch01 girlsketch kids sketch pigandchicken


I’ve just finished another couple of pages for ‘Being Different’ This one is quite dear to me. I have a vivid memory of being in a church choir at the age of seven and singing way too loudly without knowing it. I have a hearing impairment and on this particular occasion I must have been getting right into the hymns because I saw the head choir boy from across the aisle waving and shushing me like his life depended on it.

Being Different

Next Book

Well, the bad news is that we didn’t cross the line at the ABIA awards and win, but it was truly fantastic to be nominated. I’m busy getting on with the next book. This one is called ‘Being Different’ and I’m really enjoying it. The little girl looks strangely familiar with her wild curly hair and I can really relate to the way she just can’t get things right at school. IMG_3764

Sketchbook Project time again.

Two years ago I had heaps of fun putting together a pop-up sketchbook. This year I went through a bunch of fancy ideas involving the Shark cull cause and then taking sentences from a novel. But it was all too hard and I wasn’t getting on with it. So I’ve gone with the self-indulgent theme instead because it suits me. So here are the first few pages. Snap shots of my life. The collage is fun but it has to go because I’m supposed to have 16 sketches by the end of next week.

I cycled up a really big hill.

Arthurs seat We went to dinner with some gorgeous friends who have built  a house in a beautiful rural setting. They said they were over run with rabbits that helped themselves to the fruit on the trees.  rabbits

I had lunch with Steven Seagull


I changed the wheel on my bus.



I thought I’d go for a dramatic title. You never know, it might generate more hits. I think the majority of those hits will probably be hugely disappointed though…..

I swear I don’t know what happened this summer. A series of gorgeous days out and trips to the beach, and its all over. Christmas came and went and the kids started school and now it’s Easter in the blink of an eye. But I’ve been spending the past six weeks painting the finals for another Christmas book! (yes, that’s where the title comes in. Confused? Not as much as me) Yep, that’s four Christmas books now! It’s like I’m turning into one of those crazy people who wants it to be Christmas all year round. It’s fun though. I had to reinvent Santa this time and gave him an eccentric 1940’s pilot look. IMG_3540_2 IMG_1586

I’m sad to say that ‘Little Red Boots’ has been delayed. It wont be available until August now. It gives me a chance to organise some workshops around it for later in the year though. New Frontier are promoting it to the international market at Bologna though, so that’s exciting.

New book on the way.

I’m really excited about ‘Little Red Boots’ being released this month. Yes, it’s March already!! I’m also working on another Christmas book. How many can one illustrator produce I wonder! This will be my fourth. And I’ve just finished the roughs for a cool little book called ‘Being Different’ which is about a little girl who can’t keep still in class. Should be loads of fun.

little red boots01