More and more birds

I’m supposed to be designing a student diary cover for a college assigment. So the idea of birds accurred to me and my plan was to give them tails and wing feathers that were paint brushes, or screw-drivers or spoons to represent the various subjects that people study. My technical ability with photoshop let me down there and I had a few very frustrating evenings getting to grips with it. Of course I decided that the only thing to do was to spend several thousand dollars replacing my pc with a zooty new mac – because the problem can’t possibly be my foggy brain can it? But a very short discussion with the person who doesn’t live in fantasy land in this house set me right. So here are some initial drawings for something that doesn’t require high level photoshop skills. It is looking a bit childrens book though, which I love but I’m not sure it’s really appropriate here. We’ll see.


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