Snow and burnt trees

Last week we were able to get up to the bushfire affected area of Marysville. We took the children to see the snow and have a play on Lake Mountain. We hired some gear from a shop operating out of a portacabin because it was burnt to the ground six months ago, along with most of Marysville. There’s a clear feeling of hope there though and alot of small businesses operating alongside the constant clear-up and rebuilding.  As we drove up the mountain the bright green young leaves of regrowth lined the burnt trees with the sun shining through. The further up we went the more dead and dramatic the scenery became with black black sindered trees against white snow.







2 thoughts on “Snow and burnt trees

  1. cabinguy

    Black as it seems now, it’s all part of Nature’s plan. The seeds of the giant sequoias of California won’t actually germinate unless exposed to fire. You won’t recognise the place in 50 years.


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