Crochet Crazy


I have started the insanely ambitious project to crochet myself a jacket. I drove all the way to Narre Warren to get enough of this delicious bamboo thread and so far this tiny piece has taken me a week. But the Ashes and the Tour de France are on so D’s happy that he gets to watch that in peace.

I had a near disaster last night though. I caught the train to meet D for dinner in town and was so busy crocheting that I nearly missed the stop. I leapt off the train with bag, wool and needle and then felt the peice of crochet land on me as a kind man threw it at me just as the doors were closing. It had unravelled a couple of rows but I have palpatations just thinking what would have happened if he hadn’t been so thoughtful. I’d have stood on the platform and wept as the train took off and the whole lot unravelled before me. But that didn’t happen. Hooray for kind and thoughtful people.


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