Happy Halloween….and stuff

halloweenHappy Halloween! I just love Halloween in Australia, it’s a complete non-event. The kids try to get excited about it but there’s no atmosphere because it usually marks to first truly beautiful, summery weekend of the year. Here we have a little ghost and a “biting fairy” ( that’s an excuse to dress up as a fairy… but a little bit scary) practicing flying down the newly established grass bank in the garden. We had a couple of trick-or-treaters this year. It made me realise what a safe area we’ve chosen to live in. I studied in Liverpool, England and believe me Halloween was something you had to be prepared for, or risk getting flour thrown in your face or a brick through the window. These two kids came to the door yesterday and politely apoligised for disturbing me. I felt I should tell them ‘No, no no, that’s not how you do it… I should be fearing for my life and throwing sweets at you to make you go away.’

Changing the subject completely now. Here’s a fabulous picture of two of our news chooks expertly painted by my youngest child. Their names are Salt and Pepper – that’s why they have salt and pepper pots in front of them…. obviously.



And here are a couple of life-drawing pictures. I’m really sad that the college term has finished and I will have to generate my own discipline to keep up the drawing practice. This life-drawing model is one of my absolute favorites. He’s big, hairy, tattooed and pierced all over. Really great to draw.



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