Beautiful Inspiration

Last week I finished and submitted the final pages for my first picture book. Wahay! Yes, I am thrilled. But, this week I am left with that post-project feeling of emptiness. I do have things I should be getting on with but I’m searching for inspiration and getting very distracted. This morning I spent far too long searching online for the right coloured Penny Board for my soon to turn seven year old. A worthy thing to do, but not work.

Then I received a comment on my blog reminding me that some of my links are dead and perhaps I should check through them. This led to an hour of delightful inspiration as I looked up some artists blogs.So here goes with a whole load of lovely, up-to-date links;

Jody Pratt is a fellow local Melbourne illustrator. She’s a power house of creativity and does fantastic work for Illustrators Australia. I particularly loved reading about the chair project on her blog.

Christine Hargreaves is also based in Melbourne. She produces the most beautiful digital prints. I adore her sense of colour and design. You can check out her work in her online shop.

Judy Horacek is one of the best female cartoonists I know of. Her work is fabulously simple, hilarious and clever. I particularly love for page on ‘Mothers’

Lucky Beans is a blog I’ve checked out now and again for years. Just the most beautiful photography.

Oliver Jeffers is a brilliant artist and illustrator. His site is just a wealth of quirky, thought-provoking loveliness.

Suana Verasist’s work is just a visual feast. I could pour over her work all day long.

Yunmee Kyong. Just delicious.

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