I’ve been in a happy world of drawing and painting on a daily basis since the kids went back to school a couple of weeks ago. It’s really helping me to improve and develop a consistant style. My third published book is almost finished and they’re happy with it so far. I’ve been looking back at some of the work I did several years ago and I’m amazed how bad it was. The proportions and shapes of the figures particularly, and yet I always received encouragement from most people.

Although I’m pretty rubbish at keeping this blog up to date I’m really glad I started it so long ago when I just started on this journey to make a living out of creating artwork. It’s not quite ‘a living’ yet but it’s moving in the right direction and I’m still growing with it every day. It occurred to me this morning that I have let go of that feeling I had a few years ago that was basically a constant internal babble of ‘what shall I do with my life’. Yes, I only started really wondering that in my mid-thirties when I’d had kids and felt sure that going back into teaching would be a disaster for all involved.


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