Time to get organised.

I feel like I’ve come out of a three week dark and gloomy tunnel where all members of this little family were horribly ill. The lid on this gloomy faze was the Illustrators Australia Marketing Seminar last Saturday. My god it was ace. I have a much clearer idea about things now. But I have to take it steady, as I have a tendency to want to do Everything Right Now. As you can see from the state of my desk, this can lead to a shocking muddle. So it time to organise my working week a bit better.

So I have declared ‘Marketing Monday’ will take place from now on. Where all Twittering, Facebooking, website updating, blogging and Redbubbling must be done in a few hours. And what isn’t done must wait. I read about this on Holli Conger’s blog ages ago. She’s well worth looking up. A real force of nature in marketing illustration. I can waste hours and hours just fiddling about with loading pictures and trying to get to grips with Twitter….it still baffles me. But it is my job to create, so as of 12 noon today I will step away from the computer and get on with what I really love doing.

My desk

Oh dear…who left that dog there

No one is listening

No one’s listening


I like where this is going

If anyone’s interested I did have a mess around with redesigning my website, and I may tweet a bit more if I can see the point. I’m certainly reading more tweets as I’ve managed to hook it up through my phone (I know….Genius!) I have to do something whilst the kids are playing sports. And then there’s the visual feast/time absorbing vortex that is Pintrest

I’ve just spotted that the new theme I chose for this is called ‘Clean Home’. Ha ha.


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