Pop-up Bicycles


Still going strong with the pop-up visual diary. There’s nothing better than a turn in the weather. Just a few degrees warmer to let you know that Spring has arrived. Our youngest girl got a new bike for her eighth birthday earlier this year and has hardly had a chance to ride it because it’s been so cold and wet for months. It was so great to see her laughing as she wizzed down the hills. She’s loves cycling so much I wonder if she’ll take after me and take her bicycle travelling with her one day. I still wonder what happened to the bike I left in Africa when I went home. I hope it helped to get a bunch of people to school.

Bike4life  is an awesome charity based in Australia that donate bikes to remote communities in Africa

But back to our little family world! A mysterious little box was delivered this morning for my girls. I’m itching to find out what’s in it, but it was addressed to them. It almost certainly came from my mother in the UK, but there are no real clues that it did.  If it did it could have literally anything inside it. It’s a groovy little box though. A story starter.



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