Hello! I’m an illustrator. I live on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. When I’m not drawing or painting I love to cycle, sew and read. My illustrations are bright, sketchy and fun and usually centred around characters, especially children. I love illustrating picture books and have had about 10 published so far. I was a teacher in a former life so I really enjoy getting out to do workshops in schools.


4 thoughts on “Blog

  1. bellasabbagh

    I absolutely love your blog, and all your beautiful pictures. I think we share similar tastes, and we have some favourite illustrators in common. You are much better at drawing children than I am though! I love your loose use of watercolour; it gives such energy and life. You’re very versatile too. Lovely stuff.


  2. Madison

    Your work is so inspiring, I plan to put my work in the young artist section in the Derinya art and craft exhibition this year 2010!
    Love your work :o)


  3. Belinda Green

    Hi Karen (I’m Susan’s mum). I love your work – your illustrations really make me smile, and I love your “dribbly” watercolours. Yes it is scarey having an exhibition. No doubt Susan has told you that I am having my first exhibition in October in Wagga Wagga – it is something I had never even thought about until I was asked to have one!! Who would have thought at age 72 that I would be doing this. Nearly all my work is pastel which I love – it is so instant. Keep up your wonderful work and I will proibably catch up with you next time I am needed to look after Max, Ed and Arch. Belinda


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